History of the Hotel

Hotel  Central was founded with the name of  Pension Infantil back in 1921 as a family business, by German citizen George Heinemann Wiekmann in a house that was owned by German citizen Federico Schleeauf, which is still located at 5 calle 1-06 Zona 3, towards the Hamaca bridge, which functioned  for about 3 years.

Around 1924, he moved to a building that is located at one side of the Palacio de Gobernacion, property of Mr. Rafael Nuila, under  the name of Hotel Central, being the first Hotel to be founded in Coban.
Intended for the care and accommodation of visitors to this city, it counted with a German chef, and a tavern, as it was commonly known in the city. The hotel was run by German Juan Lanz, where German citizens gathered to enjoy beer, dances, and German music. It also had a pool table for the guest’s entertainment.


Around 1926, he moved  to a house which was situated on the opposite side of the same Palacio de Gobernacion, that was owned   by Mr. Enrique Ligorria, for about 3 years.  When the opportunity presented itself and he was able to have his own property so that his guests could have greater comfort, he moved in 1936 to the property, which was owned by the German sisters  Stallin.  To this day, it has been functioning, attended  with the best quality to continue making our guests  feel that they are in a familiar environment , at the height of modern times.





Hotel Central Cobán
1 Calle 1-79 zona 4, Cobán, Alta Verapaz
Tel.:(502) 7952-1442