Land of pine forests and luscious,  tropical rainforests, with abundant water, waterfalls, crystal clear streams, majestic rivers and calm lakes, home of hundreds of varieties of beautiful orchids.
Picturesque and cozy farms have arrived due to the German presence in these lands.

ide variety of Flora and Fauna, The Jade and The Emerald  are a contrast  to the majestic and picturesque green that covers the mantle of the dramatic mountains that are home to the beautiful Quetzal.


Cobán offers the visitor, besides the beauty  that nature gives us, cultural activities, folklore, sports, and the impressive display of orchids in the month of November, events, eco adventure and much more .....


Cobán has much to offer the visitor, such as the National Park Las Victorias, one kilometer from the central park; the picturesque stadium Monja Blanca, unique in the world; the Verapaz orchid nursery; the natural springs La Colonia, where you can take a nice swim;  and not far away the caves of Rey Marcos;  the caves of Candelaria,  which deserve to have an article in the National Geographic magazine; Lake Lachuá; Semuc Champey, which is a humanity heritage.


Needless to say, the international half marathon of Coban, one of the best races of its kind worldwide, national motocross events, eco adventure competitions.

One cannot fail to mention the National Folk Festival, where you can see all the beauty of the Mayan costumes and cultural traditions, where you will observe all the wealth of pre-Columbian Mayans at the Principe Maya museum.


Cobán offers all the services that a major city would, agencies with  most banking systems, Modern Shopping Centers, Pharmacies, Medical Centers,  several Car Rental Services and all other services that the visitor needs...

Ahhhh,and  to have fun and eat, there is a wide selection  of restaurants of all levels with a variety of dishes, both in national and international cuisine and friendly places for nightlife, and we recommend trying the famous  Cak Ik, which is a broth made from turkey, that will be to your  liking.

We know that you will leave this beautiful land that has so much to give to the distinguished visitor, and will remain with the desire to return to visit.

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